Whay you success home science?

a group of close friends is created. Being together with friends during adolescence, they can develop quite a good number of acceptable behaviors among themselves. They become inclined to make behaviors that are acceptable to their respective friends-groups. Example could be – competing in studies, obeying teachers’ directives, playing games Continue Reading

Some tips of home science?

ancing mental capability. You can enhance your mental faculties if you pursue the means as listed above, it should be borne in mind that an all-round development of a child or that of a human being is impossible without the development taking place both physically and mentally. Task 1 – Continue Reading

Benefits of home science.

Promi’s mother felt much embarrassed because of that. You can now understand through such happenings which had occurred as above that there are such aspects in the family which should not be discussed with outsiders. Matters that are absolutely private to the family should be kept confined within the family. Continue Reading

wheel had been evolved in human society?

Nowhere of the Ganges-Valley had such a long and wide road been discovered. The Second Urbanization of Ganges-Valley means the consequent urbanization of Sind Civilization. This road is not only in Bangladesh, it is the oldest next to Sind Civilization. Close to the confluence of old Brahmaputra and Arial Khan Continue Reading